About Us

IB Motors has specialized in the repair & service of Audi and Volkswagen vehicles in the Greater Vancouver area since 2000 and brings you over 25 years of experience.  This unpretentious shop deals directly with the customer and believes in individualized service.  By using only the highest quality replacement parts and maintaining an accurate service history, IB Motors will ensure the warranty on your VW or Audi vehicle is not compromised.

Ingo is a Certified VW & Audi Master Technician who uses the same specialized diagnostic equipment and service tools as the dealership service departments. Ingo knew at an early age what he wanted to do. Though he grew up in Vancouver, he completed his apprenticeship and received his certification at a VW Audi dealership in Dusseldorf, Germany.  Bringing his experience back home to Canada, he worked at various local shops before confidently opening the doors to IB Motors in 2000.  Ingo excels at diagnostics, tracking and solving mechanical and electrical issues. Vanagons are a passion for Ingo. His understanding of the complexities of these unique vehicles come from working on so many of his own and his German attention to detail means that they are repaired properly. It’s helpful that he is fluent in German when searching overseas for rare parts.

Lucas came to Canada from Poland, bringing his European sensibility about cars with him. Our customers appreciate his personal touch at the front counter. His knowledge of differences between the various German models and years is impressive, especially with BMWs. His dedication to great customer service has only grown over the last 10 years he has been at IB Motors.

Tom recently came to IB Motors from another local shop. He has been specializing in VWs for over 30 years and his expertise has been a welcome addition to the team. 

Chris is a local boy, from Kitsilano. He had always worked on cars as a hobby, so he decided to go Denmark to earn his apprenticeship.  He came home as soon as he completed his apprenticeship and has been at IB Motors ever since.

IB Motors is also an ITA-Recognized Training Provider. We  have two second year apprentices. Adam has been obsessed with cars since he was little and grew up working on his dad’s 1991 GTX 2.0L 16V. When we got the alignment machine from a local shop that was closing, we were lucky enough to get Mostafa as well. Both are hardworking and are quickly transitioning into working on German specialty cars. 

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