Ingo’s Hobbies

The Little Zuk That Could 

Every club has one… no not the obnoxiously loud member that just won’t shut their mouth… but an iconic 4WD that always seems to lead the way. The Too Far Off-Road club was once completely made up of Suzuki’s, mostly Samurai’s with the odd Sidekick thrown in for good measure. ….(read more)



Reader’s Ride

This ain’t no street queen. This Samurai is a true testament to the quality of Suzuki vehicles as well as the resourcefulness of its owner, Ingo Bludau. Bought as a lease return back in 1993 at Brown Brothers Ford, the little Samurai was immediately put to work and has been wheeled relentlessly its whole life….(read more)





Oh Canada

Ingo Bludau of Vancouver was unstoppable in his 88 1/2 Suzuki Samurai. The rig rolls on 36-inch TSL SX Swampers and uses ARB-equipped Toyota axles, 4:1 transfer case gears, and a twin-cam Suzuki Swift engine featuring a custom rev limiter. …(read more)

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