Pre-Purchase Inspection

An important step when buying a used vehicle

Pre-Purchase Inspection

You’ve searched the craigslist ads and used car lots and found the car of your dreams.  You’ve taken it for a test drive and it seems fine, but after you take the car home, will it be happiness or headaches that you’ll be feeling?

That’s where we, the professionals, come in.  Before you finalize the deal, bring it to us for an Independent Pre-Purchase Inspection.  We’ll give the vehicle a thorough cosmetic, mechanical and safety inspection, pinpointing any existing or potential issues and giving you a clear idea of the condition of the vehicle.  You can feel more confident negotiating a final sale price once we have completed our inspection.  The vehicle seller, whether private or a dealership, should be open to you taking the car to an independent shop. A pre-purchase inspection is the final step to making sure the car you’re considering is the right vehicle for you.

Pre-purchase inspections run from $150 – $250, depending on the age and condition of the vehicle. Schedule an appointment for a more exact quote.

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